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AHouse Gates Products

RW Wind sensor

The wind sensor, connected to TOPP control units, closes the windows when the wind speed exceeds a preset value. Contained in weatherproof plastichousing, with rotating blade system sensing wind speed.


RDC/12 Rain sensor

The RDC/12 rain sensor, like the wind sensor, must be placed outside, exposed to rainfalls. It can be connected to the TOPP control units TF23R, TF33R,TF24R, TF44R and RR to operate the windows automatic closure when the sensor is wet.


RF911 Smoke detector

TThe RF911 analogical smoke detector is a device for indoor smoke detection. Certified to UNI EN 54. Secures high reliability and is protected against falsealarms.


RF913 Smoke detector

The RF913 rise thermal detector is realized with a static element set at 60 degrees and is designed to provide fast response to rapid increases in temperature.Certified to UNI EN 54.


TR8 Radio/IR remote control

Remote control available as radio at 433,92 Mhz and as infra-red, with 8 silicon rubber buttons, blue backlit, battery-operated by two 3V CR2032 batteries.Device supplied with holder for wall fixing.