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Garage Door/ Roller Shutters Automation

These mechanisms are for roller shutters and over doors with counterweights. The range of engines includes operators for the movement of spring balanced rolling shutters up to 240 mm in diameter and irreversible operators for garage doors balanced with surfaces up to 12 square meters.

Below are the various operators;

Jolly Operator

Operator for rolling shutters up with pole76 mm balanced with springs up 240 mm

All JOLLY have electric limit switches with manual adjustment built in.


Jolly one Operator

Operator for rolling shutters with pole 60 mm 200 mm balanced with springs

Thisversion is equipped with the innovative patented automatic limit switch. With only one operation, it automatically adjusts the opening and closing of the damper.JOLLY ONE can be fitted with the provided adapters to poles with 42 mm and 48 mm as well as on poles 60 mm and spring 200 or 220 mm.


Jolly Big Operator

Operator for rolling shutters with pole 102 mm 240 mm balanced with springs.

It has an automatic limit switch thats quick and easy to adjust. JOLLY BIG can be fitted, with the provided adapters, on poles with 76 mm as well as on poles 102 mm and with spring 240 mm or 280 mm. JOLLY BIG can be installed with one or two electric motors depending on how big the surface area is.


Boss Operator

Irreversible operator for over doors with counterweights

This is suitable for the over and counterweight doors. With the adoption of the group charged batteries, in times of black-out, it allows you to make 50 consecutive cycles with 1 motor and 27 consecutive cycles with 2 motors.The internal gears are made of C40 steel, aluminum and bronze, no Teflon, nylon or plastic.

BOSS is equipped with a special internal beltwhich enables an increasingly extremely quiet, smooth and safe movement.