Automatic Barriers

Automatic barriers are the perfect solution for shopping centers’, hotels, residential blocks and public areas which need a safe, efficient and reliable access control system. They provide completely safe access to areas with medium high transit intensity and have a wide range of add on accessories to meet varied control needs.


Bollards are vertical post installed for controlling or directing vehicles in areas including traffic gates, playgrounds, roadways, malls, parks, landscapes, pathways, and toll booths among many others. They are perfect security solutions for securing wide perimeter entrances. They can be deployed as fixed, removable or retractable forms

Parking Guidance System

Parking guidance systems are oftenly becoming a major requirement in many commercial buildings. They are designed to assist car owners locate free parking slots and avoid time loss while searching for empty parking slots. The display screens indicate the empty parking slots in the various parking floors.

High Security Sliding Gates

Crash tested sliding gates are designed for military, commercial and industrial applications. Sliding gate is suitable application to close the entrances completely.

Road Blockers

Armored Guard House

AGH Series armored guard houses are designed especially for defense industries that have a threat of terrorist attack, vehicle attack or high security
required places border, police station, military area, ministries, and government buildings, etc. If there is a threat of terrorist attack in addition to the control of personal access in high security applications, armored guard houses are the unique solution and the most secure systems. Even though the attack is from terrorists with B7 class, it’s not possible to damage guard members. Also, these guard houses have B7 Class Bullet Proof.

Under Vehicle Screening System

Our UVSS solutions are designed to scan, monitor, and digitally record crisp, clear digital video images of the entire width of a vehicle’s undersides all with one permanent or portable system. The Under Vehicle Surveillance System’s high resolution color cameras give you clear, sharp images. Bright white, high intensity LED based lighting illuminates the vehicle’s undercarriage so details are not lost in shadows. And with the ability to place cameras anywhere along the length of the ramp, wheel wells and other details are easy to capture.