Home Automation Systems

  • Automatic Swing Gates
  • Automatic Slide Gates
  • Automated Garage Doors
  • Intercom Systems

Security Solutions

  • CCTV
  • Electric Fencing
  • Alarm Systems

Access Control and Security Solutions

  • Automatic Barriers,
  • Bollards,
  • Parking management Systems
  • Parking Guidance Systems
  • Under Vehicle Screening Systems,
  • Road Blockers.

Security Mechanisms and Devices

  • Baggage Scanner
  • Walkthrough
  • Full and Height Turnstiles
  • Biometric access control systems.
  • Parking lock systems
  • Tyre Killers/ Spikes
  • Smart locks/ Hotel door systems.

Smart Water Meters

  • Enhanced water consumption monitoring,
  • More accurate water bills
  • Easier and faster leak detection and repair
  • Higher water and energy savings.

Smart Curtains

  • We provide smart curtains and sheers for both residential and commercial establishments.