Physics has been the backbone of innovation, starting form the discovery of Law of Gravity, the transistor, the discovery of the General theory of relativity, quantum theory and the string theory. The physicist also invented the laser, computer, transistors,GPS systems,space programs,radio,television.

Physics has greatly revolutionized the innovation pattern of the world today, I have no doubt that the current physicist are currently inventing the 21st century.they invented the fuel cars, in the 21st century they will Invent the electric cars, solar cars and the driverless cars.

News about nuclear energy hit the global news often. My view is that nuclear energy is not a bad, it’s just that nuclear power is an unfinished technology. I fact the SUN itself is a nuclear power plant and most probably the most safest since it’s 93000000 miles away from earth.With the 3 theories(general relativity theory, Quantum theory and String theory) nuclear power will change the world to the best and we need to start reprocessing nuclear energy, this will soon be a basic need in the 21st century.

The Fukushima, it was said that a melt down could not happen in Japan, this is because they have the world best Seismologist, they study earthquakes, and they have very good building codes, with this said the Japanese never had to worry about the earthquakes, the riddle of Fukushima is that the nuclear power plant suffered 100% liquification, the core completely liquified( the core completely liquified, and nothing to hold the ground, the uranium liquid settled at the base of the vessel and starts to eat the base of the vessel which is around 8″ of carbon steal, this is the worst and dangerous thing that could ever happen, you get breach of containment and steam explosion and the whole of north japan could be no more, but what happened was when engineers realize what was happening he realized that there was only one thing left to do, OPEN UP THE VALVES THE PACIFIC OCEAN and let the ocean water smuck the core in sea water, engineers refused since they wanted to reverse the reactors but was too late and by opening the valves they saved the destruction of whole of northern japan. It’s been said that the clean up of japan from the Fukushima mess up will take 40yrs. It was soon reported that there will be a 70% chance that in Tokyo there will be massive earthquake hitting Tokyo within the next 4 years. Why am I wring all this, it because predictions have to be taken very seriously and this is what physics is doing.

The newly discovered one inch formular E=Mt2 (E equals M t Squared) which is the formular of quantum theory or the atom is set to change the world, we are moving from the big things, bulky computers, phones, cars. In fact in the present world mobile phones are becoming the computer of the world. As the physicists continue bringing up smaller, cheaper, more efficient and less power consuming chips in the world, through technology and innovation physics is helping us to predict billion of years from now. They are helping us discover the future

Why science and physics…. They are the source of wealth, but much money is restless, and when this wealth happens it creates industrialization, it started in 1800 with the discovery of steam power which gave way to Electricity, this gave birth to high technology which included the transistors and the laser, this created a big blast which was bio-technology which was back in 2008, this was prediction of the past, so my question is what is the next bubble? In innovation I tend to think we are in the business intelligence, Internet of things, and Artificial Intelligence.

In physics it’s the discovery of the fourth wave as physicist say will be the combination of nanotechnology, bio-technology and Artificial Intelligent and if this is true we might then have a new boom in the year 2100.

The discovery of more cheap and efficient chip has brought us the technology that could be deemed impossible back in 1980-85 whereby the small chip in the today success card that we throw away all the great leaders e.g. Hitler, Idi Amin could have killed anyone to have the chip, the mobile phone we use today most probably has more power than the whole of NASA in 1969 when they were sending people to the moon.

The world completely took a U TURN in 1989 when national science released the internet to the public to empower people. The internet was designed to fight nuclear war but after it was made public it was not designed for security purpose.

The internet of the future is or will be probably everywhere or nowhere, it will interconnect everything (IOT) watches, glasses, cars, houses, TV sets,walls. All these will be connected to the internet ant interconnected.

With physics we are having smart watches that can do everything or even more of what the last century couldn’t do, the day today google glasses are making internet a portable engine, I predict the 21 smart glasses will be much smaller lens, they will be your new office, they will package your office virtually and deliver the information to you by just blinking your eye, the will start a search engine by just closing one eye and you will speak to the search engine and by voice recognition they will turn speech to text, search the words and bring the answers to you in much accuracy than what we have today, they will translate languages to you, for example they will enable you to have a successful conversation with a Chinese even when you don’t know any Chinese, they will have facial recognition and will enable you to speak to only the important people. The contact lens will provide urguemented analysis and reality, as the chips become cheaper and smaller they will be costing a penny and anybody or everybody will afford them.

The future of computer will soon disappear because we will be having chips and they will blend everywhere, computer power will be free, wind power will be free, computer power will be everywhere and nowhere.

The papers will be smart, we will be typing on a paper, they will be having dots that are intelligent and you can scroll down your paper like have a PC. The intelligent dots will translate what you have written Into soft copy and you can email them.

The present computer wall papers an phone wallpapers will be translated into our bedrooms, living and anywhere, chips will be cheap and we will cover our houses with them instead of painting, we will not only be able to change the color as it is today but we will change the shape, the walls will be intelligent I.e you looking at this boring wall paper of Mombasa beaches and you will speak to the wall and the wall paper will change to the great view of Taj Mahal. We will feed computer programs into the wall, when you get sick will just walk to the wall and a doctor appears just in your bedroom on your wall and will give you medication 99% accurate of the common diseases.

Technology is intimidating, with physics, dating will be simple, you will be able to identify a person whom you share a dating site or social site and hook up, 3D glasses will be irrelevant, we will watch 3d movies without glasses, the screens will have thousands of vertical lines which each will shoot an image into the left and right eye giving you 3 dimensions.

The physicians will help us build even much smaller chip health pills that one will swallow and it will scan your whole body , CANCER WILL BE A MYSTERY, the pills will pick up your DNA segments, proteins and enzymes from a cancer colony 10years before a tumor is formed, it will successfully treat cancer buy just killing the affected cells and leaving the healthy one. If this was there most probably STEVE JOBS could be alive, who died of pancreatic cancer which the text books had misled the truth being that pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow but you only feel it the last 3 years, which is too late.

In future physics will enable us grow organs like bones and maybe grow the liver.

Physics physics physics, ………….

Nothing happens until something moves, Albert Einstein

By Savio Wambugu

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