One of the major motivating growth factor for tech hubs is the fact that the Internet and software world (automation) is taking over the world; Startups have taken this an advantage because you no longer need to have a big space to do an efficient job like the old manual days when you would have a full department doing marketing, another accounting and so on, today the Internet and Software is automating this hence instead of renting a big office, companies opt to go the Tech hub way where they can pay less and get all the resources they might need under the same roof

Growth has also been fueled by the ripple effect of youth unemployment. Many youths have resulted to offering goods and services through the internet which is known as freelancing. The tech hubs enable these young people to thrive by not only using the resources in the hubs but also as their physical address for their freelancing businesses. The demand among young people has resulted to flourishing of the hubs

Finally, VCs have identified Tech Hubs as a new investable business venture or as platforms where they can get sustainable innovations and due to these there is a lot of funding for Tech Hubs more specifically when it comes to emerging technologies solutions, as all these happens, Tech Hubs and innovations in the hubs are becoming sustainable hence motivating the whole ecosystem

However there is a need to come up with policies that will make sure there is good working partnership among the Tech Hubs, Government and Private Sector

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